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Call for Papers:
“Literature as Communication”
2-3 September 2011


Empedocles 1.1.

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Dear friends,

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LANDMARKS 2: “Communication and Memory”

The ECREA Section for the Philosophy of Communication will host its second Landmarks conference, from 9-11 December 2009, at the University of London’s School of Advanced Study.


New Journal - Empedocles - European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication

Empedocles aims to provide a publication and discussion platform for those working at the interface of philosophy and the study of communication, in all its aspects.


Elections - Call for Nominations

2008 will be an election year. The section will hold its next business meeting at the Barcelona conference, where the ballot will take place.


PHILCOMM at the ECREA Barcelona conference

Our section received 72 applications, 27 papers were organised in 5 panel applications, two contributors applied for a poster. The board is very happy with this result, and with the generally high standard of the applications. We are looking forward to an interesting conference in November, at which existing debates will be continued, and new ones started.

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